Message from our Principal

Firstly, thank you for visiting our website. You will find here a comprehensive introduction to CNSST Education Institute (CNSSTEI), a Private Training Establishment (PTE) fully accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), with access to a range of Social Enterprise services provided by CNSST Foundation. CNSSTEI does not only offer nationally recognised educational qualifications, but also is able to provide guidance for its students on their pathways to continued studies in New Zealand.

CNSSTEI warmly welcomes any local or international students who are willing to seize the opportunity and accept the challenge of tertiary education. As a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, we understand the particular needs of those who come from abroad or are experiencing circumstantial limitations. We have a full range of services available to fully support you during your time with us, ensuring you find your stay and study in New Zealand to be worthwhile and productive. For international students in particular, our experienced team is well trained and prepared to make certain you feel connected to the local community from the very first day of your arrival. CNSSTEI is also happy to provide post-study support and essential employment services to assist students in achieving their full integration into New Zealand society.

CNSST Foundation (formerly known as Chinese New Settlers Services Trust), one of the most highly reputable non-governmental organizations (NGO) in New Zealand, is the parent organisation of CNSSTEI. The organisation provides social work and counselling, employment and enterprise, and settlement and education services to the community, and has been serving an average number of 10,000 clients each year for the past 20 years. A range of accreditations and awards from government agencies give full testament to the organisation’s reputation and quality of service.

In reaffirming our motto “A brighter future for you”, we wish you every success with your studies and career in New Zealand. As our paths cross at this very moment it is a sign of our mutual good fortune, and we are more than pleased to offer you the opportunity to continue your educational journey with us in the last paradise on this planet Earth – New Zealand, and its biggest city, Auckland.

Jenny Wang, QSM


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