CNSST Education Institute
International Student Enrolment Form
20-22 Clifton Court, Panmure, Auckland
PO Box 14129, Panmure, Auckland 1741
(09)570-1188 (Chinese);
This form is suitable for all programmes. All sections of the form must be completed with original copies of additional documents
Section A - Personal Details
Family Name: 

Please upload your ID photo:

Given Name[s]:
Preferred Name:
Date of Birth:
Citizenship: Country of Birth:
Passport Number: Passport Expiry Date:
New Zealand Address   (if applicable):
Phone: Mobile:
Permanent Address (in your home country) Home Phone Number:
Emergency Contact Name(in your home country):
Address(if different from permanent address):
relationship (e.g. parent / brother): Contact Number
Agent's Name(if applying through an agent):
Phone: Fax: Email:
How did you find out about us?
Section B - Academic Background
Name of Highest Qualification:
Year Awarded:
        Or If you are currently completing the qualification, you are on:
Name of School/College/University: Country:
Language Instruction:
English Language Proficiency (please provide evidence of your English language qualifications)

Section C - Programme Selection
Selected Programmes:
Section D- Travel Insurance (International Students must have current Travel Insurance while studying in New Zealand.)
I require Travel Insurance:  
[If 'YES' - please attach copy of current Travel Insurance.
    - If this is not available or If 'NO' then New Travel Insurance will be charged automatically.
Medical Record:
Do you have any disability, impairment, long-term injury, or chronic medical condition(s) that may impact on your ability to study and/or participate in school activity?
if so please provide a report from a registered health professional so we can assess our ability to support you during your study in New Zealand.
Section E- Accommodation & Airport Pick Up
Do you require assistance with accommodation?
We will arrange Homestay and Apartment on your behalf.
Length of Stay (Weeks): Accommodation Start Date:
What type of Accommodation you required? Homestay / Apartments
Do you require airport pick up:
Flight details including date, time and flight number should be sent to the International Office of CNSST to arrange airport collection.
Declaration to be signed by the student or parents or legal guardian. (Acceptance of Conditions of Enrolment)
• I hereby declare that then information supplied by me is true and correct
• I have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions listed in this application Form, which includes adhering to School Rules, Off-site visits and Code of Conduct.
• I authorize Immigration New Zealand to provide CNSST with any personal details regarding my immigration status, including any information that I have submitted to INZ in the course of any visa or permit application, CNSST to gain information on my previous academic/enrolment status if required, to advise me of any other educational opportunities electronically and to allow other agencies access when this is deemed appropriate.
• I agree that on acceptance of enrolment by CNSST, the Application for Admission will become the Contract of Enrolment.

Signed by Student:

Application Checklist:
□ Completed all sections of application for Admission form □ Attached certified copies of your academic qualifications (translated into English)
□ Read and understood the Terms, Condition, Cancellation and Refund Policy and Student Complaints Policy □ Attached evidence of English language proficiency
□ Attached a copy of your passport, visa or birth certificate if required