CNSST in conjunction with Howick Borough Council undertake a series of activities

From the 19 – 23 June CNSST in conjunction with Howick Borough Council undertook a series of events to improve participants’ local knowledge and cultural awareness.  Support for the events came from by a variety of local and governmental organisations including the Office of Ethnic Communities and the New Zealand Citizenship office.  Over 100 students of the institute’s English for Migrants programme and accompanying family and friends learned something of local history and New Zealand culture.  The area visited, Howick, encapsulates much of New Zealand’s history and development; the indigenous Maori people were well established here several hundred years before Europeans arrived.  The activities included a visit and welcome to the Matariki Marae where participants were introduced to the history of the Tainui Iwi, Howick’s Garden of Memories and the Historic Village where participants saw how early European migrants in the area lived.  The final event was a seminar on the workings of local government, and included an informative talk by a local constable given in Chinese, as well as an introduction to the process for applying for citizenship.  Participants gave very positive feedback on the event at its conclusion, which was marked with a generous lunch for all participants.  All activities were arranged free of charge.