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COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)
This page was updated on Friday 3 April at 3:20 pm.

Information and advice for students, whānau, and the education sectorEarly learning services, schools, kura and tertiary education providers closed at midnight on Wednesday 25 March for four weeks.

There is information below for essential workers on options for caring for their children during the lockdown period.

Essential businesses -

Home-based care options for children aged 0-14 of essential workers

School holidays were brought forward to being on 30 March through to 14 April inclusive. During the holiday break, we are supporting schools to develop e-learning and other distance learning options ready for the start of Term 2.

Refer to the Ministry of Health for health information, and the Government's dedicated website for all other information and advice:

COVID-19 – Ministry of Health:

Unite against COVID-19:

Tertiary Education Commission:

COVID-19 (coronavirus) information LAST UPDATED 6 ARIL 2020

Answers to domestic tertiary students’ questions

Regardless of what is going on at the moment e.g. course timings changing or moving courses on-line, for the duration of the lockdown, you will continue to get access to all the student support available, so stay enrolled.

Over the past two weeks, we have been gathering your key questions and providing answers through regular bulletins. This bulletin provides answers to;

  • Why stay enrolled?
  • What if my tertiary provider cannot continue to deliver my programme?
  • What are the processes providers must follow to make major changes to their course structure?
  • What to do if I am feeling low or anxious?

 If your question is not answered in this bulletin, we will try to provide an answer in the coming days.

Why stay enrolled?

As tertiary education providers work to adapt their course delivery to New Zealand’s COVID-19 response, some students may consider withdrawing from study due to uncertainty around how their courses will continue, significant changes to their programme or other circumstances of hardship.

We encourage students to remain enrolled with their tertiary provider because:

  • You will continue to receive student allowance or living costs, even if your  provider is currently unable to deliver your course during Alert Level Four.
  • You can continue to access student support services offered remotely such as remote counselling services and financial hardship assistance.
  • Staying enrolled is the best way for you to stay on track with your studies and complete your programme or qualification.
  • Withdrawing from enrolment will likely extend the amount of time it takes to complete your studies, meaning you may need to take on more student loan debt if you’re borrowing for fees or living costs.
  • Withdrawing from study now may also affect your eligibility for student allowance or living costs in the future.
  • If you withdraw from study, you may not eligible for potential future support.

What if my tertiary provider cannot continue to deliver my programme?

  • Some tertiary study may not be suitable for remote delivery via online learning, particularly courses with lots of practical components. Tertiary providers are working hard to adapt their programmes where they can.
  • We ask that students work with their providers to understand how their programmes may need to change over the coming weeks and how start and end dates of programmes may be affected.
  • If your tertiary provider has to discontinue a particular course in your programme or defer your programme, talk with your provider about alternative courses you could do which could credit towards your qualification. If your provider offers the option for you to study part-time you can keep accessing student support.

What is the process education providers must follow to make major changes to their course structure for 2020?

Government has asked all tertiary education providers to review their programmes so that students can progress their studies during this lockdown period and in the following months. In many cases this will mean shifting to digital delivery, or the timing of programmes, for instance.

The unprecedented situation caused by Covid-19 means everyone is trying to make good decisions quickly. Stay in touch with your provider – it’s likely they’ll publish more information about the reasons and impact of decisions on your study.

How can we know that providers are following processes and ensuring the student voice is heard, when they are making course changes?

  • Talk to your provider about particular issues any changes presented to you.
  • Talk to your student association about how they can help with questions you have.

What to do if I am feeling low or anxious?

If you’re feeling low or anxious about yourself or others in your bubble, have a look at The Lowdown website. website has information to help young New Zealanders recognise and understand depression or anxiety, including:

  • Helpful information on anxiety and depression.
  • Guidance on other issues relevant to young people, such as bullying and family relationships
  • Quick steps to help build healthy mental wellbeing.
  • Places to go to get help.
  • Information for anyone worried about a friend.
  • A moderated forum for young people to share stories and experiences and provide peer-to-peer support.
  • A free text service (text 5626).

Update: 3 April 2020: Access to tertiary sites prohibited

Access to all tertiary education sites has now been prohibited. The exceptions are for access for tertiary education
accommodation services, as these are regarded as essential.There are also limited circumstances under which access to tertiary education sites can be granted by the Secretary for Education. This permission can only be granted upon submission of an application form.

These restrictions will continue as long as New Zealand is at Alert Level 4 for COVID-19, which is the highest alert level and aims to restrict movement around and within communities to the maximum extent possible.

You can see the circumstances under which access may be granted here: 

and find the permission form here:

Things change quickly so stay up to date by following the links below:

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